What is the difference between Workflow licenses and Named licenses?
DocuWare Cloud offers two user licensing options for DocuWare users: workflow and Named licenses. While both of these licenses allow users to log in to the DocuWare Web Client, they have vastly different functionalities and use cases. Understanding the differences between Workflow and Named licenses in DocuWare can better inform you when assigning licenses to DocuWare users.
Workflow License
  • Limited in functionality.
  • Used for simple tasks such as searching, downloading documents, and confirming tasks.
  • Only available on DocuWare Cloud.

Named License

  • No limitation in functionality. Can only be limited via DocuWare user permissions.
  • Ability to create, configure, and use DocuWare configurations. 
  • Available on both Cloud and On-premises.

In conclusion, Workflow licenses are the ideal option for users who may only use DocuWare on occasion or use DocuWare for simple operations. Named licenses are best used for users that regularly operate in DocuWare or administrate DocuWare Configurations. For more information on what functions are available for Workflow license users, please see KBA-36903.

KBA is applicable to Cloud Organizations ONLY.