Publicado Thu, 19 Dec 2019 18:34:54 GMT por Kim Sims Sr. Solution Integrator
Is there an updated version of this article that relates to v7.2?
Each attempt throws an error stating:
DocuWare Scanner
An unspecified error occurred. Please refer to the logging for further details.

Using the log viewer doesn't really help in determining what has occurred.

Publicado Fri, 20 Dec 2019 15:20:48 GMT por Kim Sims Sr. Solution Integrator
I ran the LogCollector and examined the logs.

I finally found, in the DocuWare.Desktop.CaptureService.Host log, the following error:

"Could not convert C:\Scanner\TestScan\.... - Copy.bmp to BMP file. Reason: Out of memory.....

To resolve it, I cleared the existing files, opened a new jpg and saved it as a brand new bmp.

It eliminated the error and I was able to successfully 'scan' new images.

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