Publicado Wed, 23 Nov 2022 20:08:54 GMT por Kevin Fultz
Possibly KB5019959
We still have some customers that use Fortis because they are either migrating still because the number of documents was so large, or they use Fortis to open older documents that were not migrated in to their new DocuWare implementation.
We recently have had several calls from these customers indicating they are now getting unknown token received from SQL server error.

Anyone else seeing this and is there any recommendations to resolve this?

After searching for this it appears that maybe the update that I listed is causing issues with other applications as well.

Any help or input at this point would be appreciated.
Publicado Fri, 25 Nov 2022 14:09:30 GMT por Pedro E. Gonzalez-Santini
A couple of clients experienced this as well and with different KB updates. Deleting recent updates resolved this temporarily but in some cases the updates were automatically reinstalled and then it appears not all workstations experienced the error.  So far it is inconclusive. 

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