Publicado Thu, 05 Sep 2019 19:40:23 GMT por Deann Ward Business Analyst
We have discovered that, after an upgrade to 7.1, there are quite a few OLD DW4 files.  I did not realize their documents went back that far, until a user tried to access one today.  My understanding from the support ticket I opened is that 7.2 WILL support DW4 documents.  However, I didn't get a clear answer as to whether the upgrade to 7.2 will resolve the issue, now that we have upgraded to 7.1.  I have their old system (6.7) on a different server, but with the amount of docs, I prefer not to export them out and re-import, if the upgrade to 7.2 will fix it.  Is that the case, or are they now corrupt in the existing database?
Publicado Fri, 06 Sep 2019 13:26:57 GMT por Deann Ward Business Analyst
Again, simple question.  Will the upgrade to 7.2 fix the issue since DW4 docs will be supported, OR will it not, since the upgrade to 7.1 has already taken place.  
Publicado Fri, 06 Sep 2019 13:33:07 GMT por Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas
Given that the upgrade has taken place and the structure required to support DocuWare 5 documents has been created in the DWDATA database, and the references in the database to the DW4 documents exist, I would expect that the 7.2 upgrade will expose the DocuWare 4 documents and make them viewable.
We may need to ensure that the DW 4 logical disks are correctly registered in the DocuWare Administration program. Apart from that you should be good to go.

Phil Robson
Senior Director Client Services, Americas
Publicado Fri, 06 Sep 2019 13:43:15 GMT por Deann Ward Business Analyst
Thank you, Phil.  When is 7.2 going to general release?

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