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I have the following situation: One of our clients wants to use the following restriction - while storing document (so it is in store dioalog), in the field Next instance, containing all users of DocuWare, the current user not to be able to choose himself. 

Example: If all users of the system are A, B, C, D, E, and user D is logged in, when he tries to store a document, and fill the field Next instance, to see only users A, B, C and E. 

I have an idea to use select list, with SQL Statement, looking like this: Select username from all_users Where username != currentuserlongname. The question is, how can I get the "currentuserlongname". Can someone tell me where the "currentuserlongname" is stored, and am I allowed to use it for select list like this. 

Also, if anyone has another idea, I'll be happy to hear(read) about it.


Thanks in advance!

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#1.First, create a 2-column database table with the following entries (following your example above):A/B,A/C,A/D, A/E, B/A, B/C, B/D, B/E, C/A, C/B, C/D, C/E, D/A,D/B,D/C, D/E, E/A,E/B,E/C,E/D (in short, it has all possible pairs except of A/A, B/B, C/C etc)

Such table can be easily created programmatially from your user list, and if you are good with SQL, you can even do it as a view to your dwuser table (using only column name). For Docuware Cloud system this would have to be done as a table on a local database accessable via local database connector) 

#2 Create a 2-column Docuware Select list based on the table/view from #1

#3 Then, add an additional field to your DW FC and to your store dialog, and call it, let's say CurrentUser. In the store dialog make this field a prdefined entry = CURRENTUSERLONGNAME. If wanted, this field may be made 'hidden' in the store dialog.

#4. And, finally, make your payload field in your store dialog to be a select list only from the  2nd column of the #2 above while filtered on CurrentUser field from #3 being equal column1 from #2 select list.

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Thank You for the idea. Unfortunately it is my fault that I missed one parameter of the project, that is not allowing me to create such 2 column table - the client has 1000+ users. Most of them (more than 600) have the right to store this kind of documents. So the table will contain too many rows, and administrators will not like this - to add(remowe) more than 600 rows in a table when user is hired(fired). I know there is an option for automatic update, but still not sure if it will work fine. 

That is why I asked if I can use SQL statement.

Maybe I can think of some validation (if it is possible) - store user not to be equal to some of the values in field Next Instance (yeah, Next Instance is keyword field). I will have to try it this way. 

Thanks again for the idea!


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I do not think you can use dwcurrentuserlongname variable in Select list SQl Command.

But here is a view generating statement I was talking about - no need to maintain. Create a view using this, and it'll be dynamic for new users.

select AS Column1, as Column2 from dwsystem.dbo.dwuser a, dwsystem.dbo.dwuser b where<>

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Thank You! I will try this in our client test enviroment and check how it works. I think it will be fine, just to check the speed. Thanks again. 

Best Regards,


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