Publicado Wed, 10 Nov 2021 21:12:16 GMT por Mark Massey Cornerstone Building Brands
Has anyone tied scheduling a MSMQ bus reset on an on-prem installation? Is there a reason one could not schedule a Powershell script to do so? Something like:

Get-Service -DisplayName "DocuWare*" | Stop-Service
Stop-Service -Name "was" -Force
Get-MsmqQueue -QueueType Private -Name "dw-*" | Clear-MsmqQueue
Start-Service -Name "w3svc"
Get-Service -DisplayName "DocuWare*" | Start-Service

As far as I can tell, the DocuWare message bus admin program deletes the queues, and they are rebuilt when the service is restarted. I'm not sure how one would select a different adapter via Powershell, or if it would matter (see KBA-35787).

Mark Massey

Publicado Fri, 12 Nov 2021 20:05:57 GMT por Craig Heintz SE
Using your script worked well for me.  You could replace Clear-MsmgQueue with Remove-MsmgQueue which is more like what DocuWare does with the Message Bus Tool.  Also, it is important for this same line of code to be run as the user that is set in the DocuWare service or the clear/remove will fail.

Great stuff.  Thanks

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