Publicado Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:02:51 GMT por Scott Steele

Customer has just been acquired and will be moving existing servers to new Organizational domain. Is there a KB Article or checklist of the the items that will need to be changed when the DocuWare and SQL servers are dropped and rejoined to the new domain? Customer is v7.0.

Thank you in advance.

Publicado Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:11:28 GMT por Phil Robson

Provided that the ONLY change is the domain, then the field "Domain" in the table DWSERVER in the Database DWSYSTEM should be changed to reflect the new domain. If the customer was using single-sign on then that will cease to function.

Since the DocuWare services will be in limbo, a server reboot should then be done.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

Publicado Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:27:42 GMT por Scott Steele

I did mention to the customer that the "service account" running the DW Services will need to be updated and the SSO [ADSync] will need to be reconfigured for the new AD server. With that in mind, if the users retain the same "Name" within the new AD server, will the existing DW users be updated with the new "Network ID" or would it make sense for him to delete the "old" user accounts that reference the old domain within "Network ID" prior to the re-sync?

Thank you for your support.

Publicado Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:34:10 GMT por Phil Robson

I did not think of the services. That's a given. Now as to the users domains. AD sync will likely not update the network id, so clearing it in the database and re-syncing probably won't change it. As long as the user names are the same in the new domain, I would change the Network Id manually in the database with a script, to replace the domain name portion only.
A half decent DBA should be able to do that with a little bit of string extraction/concatenation magic.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

Publicado Tue, 17 Sep 2019 13:22:52 GMT por Jeff Sanchez
Hello Phil,
You mention changing the network ID manually in the db. In many cases a domain name would likely mean an email address change. I note that there is an email field and the users email is also one of the values in the xml ('settings' I believe) field. Would this xml also need to be updated or in what cases would the xml field need to be updated?


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