Publicado Thu, 18 Jan 2018 17:41:34 GMT por Chris McFarland Sr. Document Workflow Specialist

Hello, Everyone:

So, we need to pull docs into the Document Tray and set the page order, and sometimes do the same for the docs coming in.

We can select them in the order that we want them to appear once they're unstapled or unclipped or before we do the stapling or clipping, BUT...

The docs go into the 30 to 50 page range and the pages are hard to tell apart as a thumbnail.  

Can we make thumbnails larger?  Seems like that's a NO, but worth double checking.

If I have the client set for check boxes to be present, the docs open in the viewer, but I lose the check boxes as I move to the next.


Essentially, we can't tell what we're looking at from the thumbnails.


Seeems like a common task in general, so I'm hoping there will be a Best Practice for getting it done.

What do you think?



Publicado Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:49:02 GMT por Ingo Bechtle Director Software Support EMEA Team BLUE

Dear Mr. McFarland,

sorry for coming back late to your question.
we are not sure if this case is still current for you but we wanted to make sure that
your request is covered.

regarding your question:

We have three different kinds of viewing mechanisms:
Table view, Thumbnail view and Index cards view.
Thumbnail view is the only view suitable in this situation as far as I can tell.

We fully understand your situation but didn’t had quite the use case for that yet.
The size is bound to your system resolution and scaling settings.

You could change the zoom level within your browser to enhance the view (ctrl + mouse wheel up)
But that seems to be a odd way of solving an issue. But could be a quick workaround.

I’m not sure if you have the possibility to do so but you could arrange document names as they would
appear as page numbers, like Document_Inquiery_01, Document_Inquiery_02, Document_Inquiery_03 and so on.

Hopefuly this FAQ article can shed some light into sorting within the document tray.

If you would like to see a comparable feature in DocuWare you could file a UserVoice inquiry for that case.
Any feedback is valuable for us.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best regards, 

Ingo Bechtle
Software Support Specialist Team BLUE EMEA

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