Publicado Fri, 26 Feb 2021 14:17:32 GMT por Daryl Foxhoven
So has anyone figured out a way to utilize Multi-Column Select list along with Default Select List?  Here's my business case:  Client is a financial they have documents that belong to more than one name (joint accounts, etc.) we created Last Name and First Name to be Keyword fields so they could enter more than one name.  We're using a multi-column select list so when they chose the Last Name...the it filters the FIrst Name so they're not going through an entire list.  The issue is they're always getting new clients, so they need to be able to store a new document and type in a new Last Name and First Name.  However, once they store that document, the next time they go to store the document, that name does not show up b/c it is not in the .csv that the multi-column select list is pulling from.  We're trying to avoid them having to manually manage the select list for every new account...anyone figure out a workaround or is there a configuration I'm missing??
Publicado Wed, 03 Mar 2021 09:37:13 GMT por Tobias Getz DocuWare GmbH Team Leader Product Management
Hi Daryl,

from what I understand you could just use the default select list in general and disable the filtering for the last name and enable the filtering for the first name only on the last name. This way you should have the same functionality as when using external csv files. Additionally all users which have the right "Allow new entries" in the specific fields can add new names.
In preparation you probably need to "import" all your csv file entries as database entries into the file cabinet using Autoindex, (or just rely on manual entry during normal work).
If you have some other customer management system it might be also interesting to integrate this customer list dynamically into DocuWare by directly accessing this database.
I hope this helps
Tobias Getz

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