What IIS 7 components (modules) are required for Web Client?

If the computer you wish to install the Web Client Server on is a Windows 2008/Windows Vista/Windows 7 system with IIS 7 (Internet Information Services), you will need the following components (modules) enabled in IIS 7/8/8.5.
The below listed components are compatible with either 64bit or 32bit operating systems. See below how to enable these modules in IIS 7:
Windows 2008 Roles

NOTE: In Workstation based operating systems you have to install IIS 7 by enabling Windows components (Control panel / Program  and Features / Turn windows features on and off).

Enable IIS Support.

If the item is not on the list then it is not required by the Web Client. Some other components are not required by the Web Client but it is enabled for troubleshooting purpose.

The below image is from the same window.
Windows 2008 IIS Components

Finish the installation.

NOTE: The option "Desktop Experience" is an optional task and applies only to Windows Server 2008 and only if you want to use DocuWare Desktop Apps on the server. However, Message Queuing feature has to be enabled since version version 6.6. You have to enable Windows Desktop Experience.