How do I migrate an Intelligent Indexing On Premise system to a new server?


At first, create a backup of the Intelligent Indexing database on the source system. Additionally, you need some files of this system and the intelligent-indexing-connection.xml that needs to be adapted to the new environment.
Please keep in mind:

  • The login to the Intelligent Indexing service should be the same login on both systems.
  • You must not create a new model space on the target system!

Prepare the target system as you would do when installing a new Intelligent Indexing On Premise system from scratch. Follow the Intelligent Indexing manual up to and including section 7.1 (Step 3.2 is not necessary).
Note down the path where your Intelligent Indexing data and your SolRHome directory are located on the source system. You can also get the location of the Intelligent Indexing data directory when you open the web.config inside the in Intelligent Indexing directory (referenced by the IIS).
Stop the DocuWare Fulltext Server on your target system. In case you deployed an Apache Tomcat separately: Stop this server as well.

Step 1: Exporting the database
Start up the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and create a backup of the Intelligent Indexing database.
Right-click on the “intellix” database and navigate to “Tasks ->” and select “Back Up…”:

Create Backup

Step 2: Importing the database
You now need to import the database on the target system. Therefore, copy the backup file onto the new system. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and log in with the credentials of the database administrator.
Inside the object explorer, right-click on the database entry and select „Restore Database“. Select “Device” as the source and supply the path to the Intelligent Indexing backup as illustrated below:
Restore Backup

Step 3: Moving the directories
Now you need to copy the content of the source directory, where the Intelligent Indexing data is stored (e.g. C:\IntellixStorage) to the directory of the target system. You can quite simply identify this by having a look at the content:
Same goes for the production-WordPair folder in the SolRHome directory. SolRHome contains the following elements:
In case you get prompted during the copy process, confirm to replace the files on the target system.

Step 4: Adapting the configuration file
We now need to adapt the intelligent-indexing-connection.xml, that will later be imported into the DocuWare administration. The content of the file will be needed by the DocuWare system to register with the Intelligent-Indexing service. To do so, open the intelligent-indexing-connection.xml and change it accordingly to point to your new server.

Step 5: Importing the new configuration file
Delete the old connection from the Intelligent Indexing Service in the DocuWare administration. Once this is done, import the adapted xml file and apply the changes. Now you can start all services again, meaning the DocuWare Fulltext server and, if stopped prior, the Apache as well.