• HTTP 500 Internal Server Error every 40-50 days

    We have had a problem with DocuWare since late 2018.  Every 40 to 50 days, our users will open the web client and get a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.  The only fix is a server reboot.  I went through all the logs, and found these common errors on the dates we had the issues.

    • AcceptSecurityContext failed. Error Code = 2148074248 > The token supplied to the function is invalid
    • AcquireCredentialsHandle failed, Error: 2148074245 > The requested security package does not exist
    • Cannot find active authentication server. All servers are either stopped or the communication channel settings don't allow a connection.
    • Can not connect to the remote host "gtcp://<servername>:9000". System error message: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
    • Login token expired
    • No suitable active server AuthenticationServer with guid 3a3486ec-725c-4806-95db-5d256d5da0b4 found. Server connections excluded (already tried to connect): 26263075-9716-400e-a654-9aea7fd9ff3b. Reason: Requested Service not found
    • System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
    • System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    • The response has not been received within the specified period of time.

    I looked at the dates when we had issues.

    1. The first round of issues were on 9/10/18 followed by 10/10/18 and 10/22/18 – at that point DW installed HotFixPack24 and HotFix36 on 11/16/18. That seemed to fix our issues until 3/25/19.
    2. The 2nd round started on 3/25/19 followed by 5/3/19 – at that point DW installed HotFixPack40 on 5/11/19. That seemed to fix our issues until 9/20/19
    3. The 3rd and most recent round of issues started on 9/20/19, then 11/4/19, then 12/26/19, then 2/7/20. Each time the failure was between 43 and 52 days so the next failure should be between 3/21/20 and 3/30/20.

    It seems like whenever we install hotfixes, it fixes the issue for 140-154 days but then it comes back. And if we don’t apply another hotfix, the issue reoccurs every 39-52 days. Does that make any sense?

    Support says they need to see the server in a failed state, so i will have to wait another 10-20 days to get to that point. But i'm hoping im not the first to see this or maybe someone else has seen it.


  • Fortis end of life

    Hi. I wanted to check in to see if the Fortis "end of life" date was still end of 2017? And is there a specific date that we should be using for end of life?  Thank you!!

  • Great! Does staying up to

    Great! Does staying up to date on Fortis releases make the transition to DocuWare easier when the time comes?  In other words, is migrating from Fortis 6.9 to DocuWare 6.9 easier than Fortis 6.8 to DocuWare 6.8?  And if that's the case, will Fortis 6.10 be even easier?  I'm thinking that the longer we wait to migrate to DocuWare, the easier it may be for us (DocuWare will continue to improve and refine the migration process).

  • We are interested!

    Please send us details for the next webinar when you have them.

  • Fortis - upcoming releases?

    We are currently at Fortis 6.8.  According to the White Paper "From Fortis to DocuWare", the last releases of Fortis and FortisBlue are scheduled for September, 2017.  Does that mean we can expect to see versions of Fortis beyond 6.8?  My initial understanding was that Fortis 6.8 was the last version.  Is there another release being planned?  If so, can you give us a timetable? 

  • Fortis End of Life

    Does DocuWare have a resource that can give our Fortis tech team a presentation on Fortis end of life, and transition plan?  I'm thinking a web-based meeting would be ideal.  Also, can you provide any links to content on your site that would help us stay informed on what's happening?

  • Fortis Web Services issue

    I installed Fortis Web Services on a Windows 2012 R2 server running IIS 8.5.  I installed all the required roles & features according to the installation guide.  When i browse the web services from the localhost, i get the following error:


    HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized

    You are not authorized to view this page due to invalid authentication headers.


    Any suggestions?  I haven't made any changes to IIS other than what was in the installation guide.  The user i'm running the FortisWebServices as and am browsing as local administrator rights to the server.

  • Issue with running Fortis on server?

    I checked and i have full control to all the folders, subfolders and files.  I did notice that i'm not seeing the error on the first desktop installation.  Have you seen an issue with running View Station and other Fortis client apps on Windows Server 2012R2?  Something about the server OS that is different that causes issues with View Station?

  • That fixed it

    It was the base.ini file.  I had the actual path, not the UNC path.

  • Error installing Fortis Workstation

    I have a new server running Fortis.  When i attempt to install the client on a desktop, i get the following error

    Error reading D:\Imaging\FortisDT\SYSDATA\fmconfig.dat

    The installer closes at that point.  I am a domain administrator so i have local admin rights to the Fortis server and the desktop.  That makes me think it isn't a permissions issue.