• Adobe Sign

    Has anyone been asked to use Adobe Sign as the integrated signature tool ?
    We have a customer that all ready has Adobesign and wants to integrate with DocuWare.
    Can this be easily achieved in the same way as Validate ID and DocuSign?

  • Opening files in the native program rather than DocuWare viewer .Txt

    Does anyone know if there is a way to force DocuWare to open the result of a search in the native program when double clicking to view.
    The issue I have is that a company wants to store 1000's of .Txt files.
    These are quite large in some cases and columned transactions that need to stay in order. When you save these in DocuWare and open in the viewer it wraps them to fit the window/page. This makes them hard to read and wrapped around lines.
    i can't give them edit rights as this will be a read only system, so cant open in 'Edit'

    i remember in the older version of DocuWare a right hand click of the mouse would just open in the native program.

    Any help would be much appreciated.