The article contains an information about the DocuWare Mobile App for smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
Note! This article is valid for DocuWare Versions 6.0 though 6.9 only.

DocuWare Mobile allows you to access your DocuWare system using smartphones and tablets with Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone. You can load documents, view them on-screen, and forward them in the workflow. A special stamp feature has also been integrated.
For the particular smartphonethe or tablet the DocuWare Apps are available now in the appropriate app stores. The easiest way to find it is to search for the term "DocuWare".

Mobile app overview


  • Are the DocuWare Platform Services installed using the DocuWare Setup?
  • Check if the DocuWare Platform Services are running correctly, by opening them in a browser http://<dwservername>/docuware/platform.  
  • If those test is negative, means the Platform Service site is a blank page:
    • Check whether the IIS feature "HTTP Redirect" has been installed
    • Try to deactivate the IIS feature "Compression of dynamic content"
    • Is the application pool shown as "Running" within the IIS Manager?
    • If the "Error 503" is displayed, follow the steps that are described here.   
  • Is the latest app installed from the app store?
  • Was the latest version of the license file downloaded from the DocuWare website and installed in the DocuWare system (including DocuWare services & IIS restart)?
  • Check whether the entry "hostname" or "Platform URL" in the app configuration is given correct. In most cases when connecting from none Windows device you have to connect using an IP address intead of a host name.
  • If there is a problem displaying documents (e.g. only a blank page is displayed or the app crashes), add the NTFS access rights "Modify" and "Read" on the directory "C:\Windows\Temp" for the group "IIS_IUSRS" and set the appropriate application pool in the IIS Manager to use "ApplicationPoolIdentity"
  • Check the logs by opening a URL like this in a browser http://<dwservername>/DocuWare/Platform/Home/LogMessages
  • If it is not possible to access the search dialogs in the App, please check if the option "Usable in Mobile Clients" in the DW Administration is activated.