Email Notification does not work.


1. Check if the Notification Server starts and runs:

If the Notification Server does not run, check the event log to see, if error messages about Notification Server are present. Check, that the Notification Server is configured with sufficient Windows user rights.

2. Activate the Notification Server and Content Server Log:

Check the log files, which are located in "%allusersprofile%\DocuWare\Logs" by default.

3. Check the accessibility of the SMTP connection:

In DocuWare Administration navigate to the menu of the DocuWare system -> Data Connections -> SMTP Connections -> <SMTP instance>  and check, if the SMTP server is reachablle using the "Check accessibility" button on the button bar.

  • If the Server is not reachable, check if the defined SMTP Server Host Name is correct. (If the SMTP Server Host Name is correct check why the server is not reachable in the network: Ping test the Notification Server; Telnet on Port 25 to the SMTP Server; Check for blocked ports in the Windows firewall or Antivirus program, etc.).
  • If the Notification Server is reachable, check the Notification Log (DWNotification_Debug.log). Even with a successful accessibility check in DocuWare Administration the following error may occur:
    Unable to send mail as "Sendername" <Sender address>: System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Failure while sending a mail
    [SmtpEmailSender] System.Net.WebException: The connection to the remote server could not be established
    [SmtpEmailSender] System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be established because the remote computer refuses the connection).

If the error is present delete the SMTP connection and create a new connection (The IP Address shown in the log must be the IP Address entered for the SMTP Server Host Name).
Assign the new connection in the DocuWare System -> Server -> Notification Server -> <Notification Server Instance> in E-Mail Settings to the Notification Server.

4. Check again the accessibility of the SMTP connection:

In DocuWare Administration navigate to the menu of the DocuWare System -> Data Connections -> SMTP Connections -> <SMTP instance> and check if the SMTP server is reachablle using the "Check accessibility" button in the button bar.
While trying the accessibility test a test email is sent to the Sender Address defined in the configuration. Check for the email in the Inbox of the sender. If the email does not appear check, if a spam filter is active in the SMTP Server (or network).

5. Check the entries of your settings in the WebClient Settings in the E-Mail Notifications.

6. Check the requirements to use Email Notifications:

  • A Task Manager license is required for Email Notifications.
  • The Notification Server must be installed and configured.
  • A Data Connection for a SMTP-Connection must be configured and implemented. The SMTP-Connection must be assigned to the Notification Server.
  • In the section User Administration all users, who should receive Email Notifications must have an email address defined.
  • File cabinets in which an E-Mail Notification should be possible must be assigned to the Web Instance.
  • For creating or changing Email Notifications the right for managing Email Notification on the area User/Profiles -> Property for functions should be enabled.
  • For the assigning of other users to an Email Notification the right User Administration should be also enabled in the area user/profile -> property of the functions

7. If none of the described steps solve the problem, reproduce the error (fault situation) and send Support a Content Server Log and Notification Log.

8. If you are running DocuWare 6.0 or DocuWare 6.1, there is an issue (resolved in DocuWare 6.5+), where Notification Server can lose it's connection to the other services. To fix this, you must restart Services.

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