How can certain Desktop Apps be hidden in the Client Setup?

There are certain situations in which you want to hide or unhide specific Desktop Apps from the installation window, for example if the organization does not own an appropriate license or there is no need for it.
You can hide any of the apps that are installable from the Client Setup:


Screenshot of the Client Setup window

To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Web\Platform\ClientSetup\ClientSetup.Settings.xml in a text editor
  2. Navigate to the Modules section (shown below)
          <Module Id="C2Outlook">true</Module>
          <Module Id="EditSend">true</Module>
          <Module Id="Scanner">true</Module>
          <Module Id="Printer">true</Module>
          <Module Id="Import">true</Module>
          <Module Id="SmartConnect">true</Module>
          <Module Id="WEC32">true</Module>
          <Module Id="WEC64">true</Module>
          <Module Id="AdminTool">true</Module>
          <Module Id="Workflow Designer">true</Module>
          <Module Id="IndexCleaner">true</Module>
          <Module Id="UrlCreator">true</Module>
          <Module Id="Update">true</Module>
  3. Configure the respective Desktop Apps to be shown (true) or hidden (false) in the Client Setup. Use the table below to determine which Id value corresponds to which Desktop App.
    Id value Desktop App
    C2Outlook Connect to Outlook
    EditSend Edit & Send App
    Scanner DocuWare Scanner
    Printer DocuWare Printer
    Import DocuWare Import
    SmartConnect Smart Connect
    WEC32 Windows Explorer Client (32bit)
    WEC64 Windows Explorer Client (64bit)
    AdminTool DocuWare Administration
    WorkflowDesigner Workflow Designer
    IndexCleaner DocuWare Index Cleaner
    UrlCreator DocuWare URL Creator
    Update DocuWare Update
  4. Save the file to confirm your changes

Please note that a restart of the DocuWare Platform Services App Pool may be necessary to make the changes effective.