You'd like to be able to link relevant documents so that they are easily accessible from each other.

Document Relations allows you to simply access documents from associated documents. To use this, you'll need to create a Document Relations configuration for your documents to use.

1. Access the "Configurations" page.

   2. Click on the "Document Relations" plugin

   3. When in your configuration, you will have the ability to do the following:

  • Name your configuration
  • Specify which file cabinet the Document Relations should be shown in
  • Specify if it should be displayed in only certain results list(s) or all
  • Set filter rules to determine the documents that should have a relation, where you can use a combination with the and/or operators
  • Specify if the related documents are in the same file cabinet, or a different one
  • Choose the corresponding Result List
  • Set filtered rules to determine the documents that will be related based on custom or predefined entries

4. Save your configuration

Note: Refresh your browser to see the Document Relation in your result list.

 In the example below, We've set the "Phone Wizard Supporting Doc" configuration to link documents between two file cabinets, based on the matching value of "Phone Wizard" for the "Company" field index entry.

   5. After right-clicking on a document in the result list, we can now see the option to find "Related documents" based on the Document Relations configuration.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.