• not possible

    Hi Jason,

    Integration links are always opened independent from the web client. It is not possible to open them right there.

  • One job should work

    Dear Petar,

    this should all be possible with one Autoindex Job. Autoindex can write to the external database also and set the new field to 1 if the data was assigned to a DocuWare document. In the newer versions (version 7) of Autoindex this is in the tab "Write back".

    With DocuWare version 7 you should maybe think about switching to an event based Autoindex. In this case, there is just a small query executed whenever a new document matches the trigger. The load should be much less, than if you do a complete database query for all relevant data entries.

    I hope this helps.

  • Yes

    Yes, this also works for user synchronization.

  • Next version will help

    Hi Savio,

    we are aware of that and with the next version the user who creates a user will get automatically access to the created tray as administrator.

  • Image sharpening

    The DocuWare viewer also uses an image sharpening method which is great for reading text but might be not so great for drawings. It is the magic wand icon in the toolbar in the area "Display". You can toggle this option on and off.

  • Date format

    Hi Jacek,

    generally the dates in DocuWare are stored in an universal format and the client displays the date then in the local time zone and format.

    There might be some exceptions, but this is the general approach for all date fields. If you have a date in a text field, then this is not changed at anytime. As it is a text field, it will remain the same.

    Maybe you should describe your issue a little bit more, so we can help.

  • Barcode One Click Indexing

    Hi Steve,

    actually the Barcode One Click Indexing is part of the Barcode & Forms license AND will only be available, if the file is an image file (also PDF with image aka scanned document) imported via the Desktop Apps.

    If this is not the case you could in most cases One Click Index the number which is shown below the barcode.


  • help.docuware.com

    Hi Joe,

    the system requirements are inside the Knowledge Center. For 6.11 you can find them here: http://help.docuware.com/en/#b57853t63146n87396

    To see them for other versions, you have to choose that version from "Options" in the toolbar.

    If system requirements are changed, you will find this in the "What´s new" section for every release, e.g. here: http://help.docuware.com/en/#b57865t57866n82340

  • MSG files include the attachments

    Hi Michael,

    actually the attachments are inside the msg files but the DocuWare Viewer is only able to display the text part of the email. If you want to open the attachments you can download the msg file and open it locally to access the attachments.

    In order to address this you would need a real mail server and either Connect to Outlook or Connect to Mail. Then you would put the emails into the email application of your choice (e.g. Outlook for Connect to Outlook or Thunderbird when using Connect to Mail). Both of the moduls are able to not only store themail but also to store the attachments of the email as separate files to DocuWare. 

    I hope this helps.


  • One Click Indexing with copy to clipboard

    Hi Seth,

    in the viewer you could use the "Copy to Clipboard" tool. Then you can select the text on the document and it is automatically copied to the clipboard so you can reuse it in an email.

    Senior Manager Product