• RE: Integrar con un webservice

    Hi Edwin,

    I assume you are asking about a web service for usage in the Workflow Manager?
    First a web service just gets information from DocuWare, it is not possible to send a document directly to the web service. Given, that the Workflow sends the DocID and a FileCabinet GUID to the web service, the web service  can then log into DocuWare and download the document by itself.
    Does this help?
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Relative dates in AutoIndex


    as soon as you can use Version 7.4 the filter options for dates are the same in event based and scheduled Autoindex.

  • RE: Relative dates in AutoIndex

    Hi Steve,

    as far as I know, all possibilities from the DocuWare Administration are also available in the new configuration. They might have a different naming, but should work the same. I do not know exactly how to configure "Withing the current year" but if it was possible before, it should be possible now also.
    I hope this helps.
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Using Multi-Column Select List along with Default Select List

    Hi Daryl,

    from what I understand you could just use the default select list in general and disable the filtering for the last name and enable the filtering for the first name only on the last name. This way you should have the same functionality as when using external csv files. Additionally all users which have the right "Allow new entries" in the specific fields can add new names.
    In preparation you probably need to "import" all your csv file entries as database entries into the file cabinet using Autoindex, (or just rely on manual entry during normal work).
    If you have some other customer management system it might be also interesting to integrate this customer list dynamically into DocuWare by directly accessing this database.
    I hope this helps
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Digital signature with certificate

    Hi Xavier,

    this way you attach an electronic signature to all imported/scanned documents.
    The signed invoices will appear in the document tray which is selected above.
    To check the signature, you have to download the PDF and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. There you can see and check the signature.
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Wie müssen Indexfilter eingerichtet werden?

    Hallo Herr Müller,
    Dokumentation zu Indexfiltern finden Sie hier: https://help.docuware.com/#/home/62780/1/1
    Die vermutlich wchtigste Information für Sie ist vermutlich, dass in DocuWare die Rechte immer addiert werden. Wenn alle Mitarbeiter Mitglieder in den Standardarchivrollen sind, dann haben sie darüber auch Leserechte auf alle Dokumente.
    Sobald Sie mit Indexfiltzern arbeiten, sollten Sie die Standardarchivrollen nicht mehr verwenden und müssen jedes Recht einzeln vergeben. Als Beispiel: Sie müssen allen Mitarbeitern das Recht auf die DokUnterart "Führerscheine" geben und der Rolle "Personal" das Recht auf alles mit der DokArt "Personal".
    Ich hoffe, das hilft erstmal.
    Viele Grüße
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: .NET API Get List of Fields in File Cabinet or Tray

    Also keep in mind, that document trays do not have fields by themselfs, they just have all fields, the documents in them have. So you cannot ask DocuWare which fields are available in a document tray.
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Added Field to File Cabinet -- no one else can see

    Hi Joe,

    you are right, new fields are automatically added to all default dialogs and profiles. Any custom dialogs and profiles have to be extended manually.
  • RE: Docuware Validation compliant dll

    Hi Darwin,
    what kind of validation are you creating? The old DLL based validation (page 22) is discontinued with version 7 (available up to version 6.12) and only web service based validation is possible afterwards.
    Tobias Getz
  • RE: Drop down List in Stamp???

    This was answered in the support request, but to include the answer also here:
    There is an option when creating the stamp input field to use a select list. Then the user can choose entries from that list.