Veröffentlicht Tue, 05 Jun 2018 17:38:31 GMT von David Williams

We have a hybrid system where we use the Cloud System for current and active documents and an On Prem for cold storage. Periodically I go in and reindex certain document to mark them as ready for cold storage. Not anything special, we reindex a lot of things.

The problem is if I select 3000 documents to reindex, it will work its way through approximately half of the documents and then stop with an error like "1489 out of 3000 cannot be indexed". I will restart the reindex with approximately 1500 this time and it will stop at approximately 750. I get another message 750 out of 1500 cannot be indexed. This halving of the reindexing will continue to the very end. 

Has anyone else had this problem? I can't simply start an big reindex, I have to babysit it for quite a while as it takes a while for the cloud system to reindex a lot of documents. On-Prem will blast through 3000 documents in about 20 seconds. Cloud system will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

Veröffentlicht Tue, 05 Jun 2018 20:05:09 GMT von Casey Miller Director of Technical Services

I had this issue and it was because there was a document within the documents you are trying to change that is missing a header file. At least, that was the issue I had. As soon as it hits that file it will stop.

Veröffentlicht Wed, 06 Jun 2018 10:40:08 GMT von Josef Zayats


according to Docuware, this is a known bug (obviously known only to them as we have to go thru troublesooting pains).

The bug is that let's say you have a tasklist (or a result list) with a selection based on a certain index field and then you use 'Change Index Values for ALL Entries" and trying to change THAT index field - then only half of documents are changed.

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