Veröffentlicht Wed, 01 Jun 2022 16:46:38 GMT von Tracy Fleming CiTi BOCES DocuWare Application Administrator
Can I automatically load the value of the Store Date system field into an index field so that it shows in the results dialog?
I already have an index field set up to capture the Store Date moving forward but I'd like to back fill the index field for past records. 

Could I accomplish this with a simple workflow maybe? Simple being the operative word there... I'm pretty new to workflows. 
Thanks for any suggestions.
Veröffentlicht Thu, 02 Jun 2022 08:04:03 GMT von Simon H. Hellmann Toshiba TGIS GmbH | IT-Consultant - Document Management Solutions
Hello Tracy,<br> <br> which DocuWare Version are you using?&nbsp;<br> In a recent Version (I think 7.3, but not sure) the system fields (like store date) can be activated in every type of dialog via file cabinet configuration -&gt; dialogs, so your workaround is not needed anymore.<br> <br> In older versions, you had to copy the value to another index field like your proposed solution, the easiest workaround for that would be an autoindex job. If autoindex is not licensed, you can also implement this workaround via workflow designer or sql script/database trigger.<br> <br> Hope this helps.<br> <br> Greetings from Germany,<br> Simon H. Hellmann<br> DocuWare System Consultant
Veröffentlicht Tue, 07 Jun 2022 16:20:12 GMT von Tracy Fleming CiTi BOCES DocuWare Application Administrator
Thank you for the response Simon.<br> Actually we are at 7.3 and I do have it populating into the custom index field for new and day-forward imports. I am actually trying to work through how to populate all of the values in the custom index fields with the system Store Date for all our past records. I assume I could make a workflow to do that but can't find out how to make that work.&nbsp;<br> <br> Tracy Fleming<br> &nbsp;
Veröffentlicht Wed, 08 Jun 2022 17:47:16 GMT von Tracy Fleming CiTi BOCES DocuWare Application Administrator
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