How can I reset Fulltext indexes within DocuWare version 7 - 7.6?

To reset Fulltext indexes for versions 7-7.3, you can find this option in the DocuWare Administration Tool under Organization -> General -> Reset fulltext index:

You can then select the file cabinet for which the reset should apply and if the reset should be done for all documents, or only for particular documents using the custom filter:

Note: Please keep in mind, for larger file cabinets, re-indexing may take a long time.

For DocuWare systems that are on version 7.4 or higher, the option to reset Fulltext indexes will be found within the file cabinet you wish the reset to take place. In the DocuWare web client, open the configurations page, and select the File Cabinets plugin. Once you have reached the File Cabinets page, select the file cabinet you wish to reset the Fulltext indexes and select "More Options."

Under Full-text options select "Reset full-text data"

Before Full-text is reset, you have the option to reset all documents or only for particular documents using the custom filter. Once you have set all your parameters select "Reset full-text data"

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.