• "Last Run" status in triggered AutoIndex jobs

    In a v7 cloud system I have several AI jobs configured for New Document and Changed Document triggers. When looking at the AutoIndex page in Configuration, these jobs have no Last Run date or Status entries. Can I assume that this type of job simply does not update these fields the way a scheduled job does, or have I just configured them in such a way that the just don't work at all?

    Clues for the clueless appreciated,
  • Desktop Service startup

    A customer's DocuWare Desktop Service does not start reliably when Windows boot, especially after a Windows update. Has anyone run into this problem? Any advice? Or just plain old Windows spooky behavior?

  • Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing

    When using the Kinetic Solution for IP, the last step of the workflow creates a Booking Record. This document is then available for download as a CSV file for import into an ERP system. The CSV file is created and appended to by a web service in the Record Export step of the workflow.

    Is there a way to see or change what is written by this web service? Perhaps a config file, where we can choose which index fields of the Invoice are being written?

  • Where Clause in Cloud System

    I used this - IN ('value1','Value2','Value3') - using the Is(where clause) option for a field rule when creating a list in a DW Cloud system. The client throws a string parsing error when I try to open the list. I have used this successfully back in the admin tool days. Can anyone say what the correct way would be?

    Many thanks,
  • Storing multiple entries to a Keyword field from a form

    Has anyone tried storing multiple entries to a Keyword field from a form? There does not seem to be a way to do that. The index fields from the document on the left of the Indexing page in the Form Designer are only listed once so there seems to be no way to point to several different entries from the form for that field.

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Cloud System select list entries

    In an on premises system we can increase the 'selectlistmaxcount' entry in the web config file to allow for the display of more that the default of 50 entries in a select list.

    How can we accomplish this same thing in a cloud system?

  • Very Slow Scanning

    A user with a Fujitsu fi-7160 on a PC with USB 3.0 and 16GB of RAM and DocuWare 6.12 is scanning using DW Scan. We had a issue with the scanner earlier and DW tech support helped us by making sure we had the 32 bit scanner drivers installed. The scanner works, however it takes forever (seriously, like 4 minutes) for a 2 page image to get from the scanner to the DW interface and then another lifetime to upload. Using TWAIN or WIA does not seem to change the performance. Other settings, (auto rotate, delete blank pages, color, greyscale) do not affect the performance either.

    Other PCs in the same building with a similar setup do much better, the difference being they are still on Windows 7 whereas the culprit is on Windows 10.

    Do the best minds in the room have a consensus about Win 7 and 32 bit drivers performing better than Win 10? I would think it unlikely but it's Windows, so there's that.


  • Auto Create of document trays

    A customer has been accquired by a larger company. The home office wants read only access to the file cabinets and so an LDAP synchronization is configured and executed periodically. However, it appears that new users added by the synch are also getting an inbox created by default. Is this the expected behaviour and is there a way to disable it (a settings file perhaps) as these trays are not needed? DW version is 6.10.



  • Cutting Out, Replacing text in DW printer template

    I am trying to eliminate a trailing comma at the end of a string in a DW Printer template I have listed the 'old value' as ',' but trying to enter a space as the 'new value' does not seem to be recognized.


    Any clues appreciated,

  • Creating folders based on entries in select list

    Just in case anyone wanted the answer to this question; Yes, the feature is still available. When creating or editing a folder structure, hold your cursor on a folder level to highlight it in blue and slide over to the far right and click on the 'advanced' link. This will allow you to choose the select list to show as empty folders.