When trying to store large documents from a document tray to a file cabinet you receive the following error:

"No server connection available please ask your DocuWare administrator" and the document is not stored to the file cabinet.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform and make a copy of the Web.config file
  2. Search for "LongRunning" and find the following line: 

      <section name="LongRunning" type="DocuWare.Platform.WebBase.LongRunningSupport.LongRunningConfiguration, DocuWare.Platform.WebBase" />

  3. Underneath the </configSections> tag add the following lines:

    <LongRunning initialRequestAliveTime="58" checkRequestReleaseTime="58" eraseThresholdTime="5" >

  4. The end result should look like this

  5. Save your changes, open Command Prompt as an administrator and perform an IISRESET.
  6. Storing the large file from tray to file cabinet should work without error.