What functionalities are available for users who utilize a Workflow license?

The Workflow User License is a special DocuWare user license for employees who do not archive documents but have to perform tasks within workflows and have read access to archived documents.
Users can also fill out and save DocuWare Forms with this license. For more information on Workflow license functions, please refer to the following: 

Web Client Tab
  • Search
  • Lists
  • Tasks
  • Folders
  • Forms

Web Client Menu

  • Profile & Settings
  • Touch Mode
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Help & Info
  • Log out

Document Access

  • Search documents
  • Save search as list
  • Open/View documents

Export documents

  • Download documents
  • Print documents
  • Send documents as Email

Result List Functions

  • Send result list as Email
  • Export result list as DocuWare Request
  • Export result list to CSV file
  • Get document link
  • Get result list link

View documents history

  • Workflow history
  • Document history

View index entries

  • View workflow tasks
  • Changing index entries is only allowed through Workflow tasks

Confirm workflow tasks (decisions)

  • By dialog
  • By stamp - Only workflow decision stamps are allowed - not regular stamps
  • Send request (Workflow)

DocuWare Forms

  • Open Form
  • Get Form Link
  • Submit Forms

Note: Users with this license do not have a document tray

KBA is applicable for Cloud Organizations ONLY

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