How do I avoid conflicts with anti-virus scanners and/or proxies?

This KBA should only be applied if you experience issue using DocuWare which are related to your Antivirus, Proxy, or are advised by a member of the Support Team.
In case the issue is solved after applying this KBA please try to minimize the exceptions in the Antivirus or Proxy.

Often proxies/anti-virus programs can cause conflicts when working with DocuWare. Most anti-virus programs have a "Web Protection" or "browser protection". If this is enabled, such behavior occurs frequently.

Most security software protect the system using real-time scanning of file changes, which can slow down the system, especially when files are checked which are no threat (e.g. database files).
Please refer to the below section on what exclusions should be implemented to avoid conflicts with anti-virus scanners and/or proxies:

  • Exclude the following file locations from real-time watching:
    • %ProgramData%\DocuWare\*
    • %TEMP%\DocuWare\*
    • %TEMP%\Edit\*
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\DocuWare\*
  • Exclude the address of the Web client from the "Web Browser Protection" and from any proxy:

This applies to any client, as well as any server running a DocuWare component.

KBA is applicable to both Cloud and On-premise Organizations. 

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