Your organization requires a more secure password.

Login to the DocuWare Administration tool as an Organization Administrator.
Go to Organization -> General, open the drop down, and check the box to the right for "Use secure passwords"

The password complexity needs can be specified here, the options are:
Contains capital letter
Contains lower case letter
Contains digit (number)
Contains special symbol

Other requirement options are:
Minimum password length - Set the minimum length for the password.
Maximum number of wrong passwords, before account is locked - Set how many password attempts can be made before the account is locked.
Password expires in (x) days - Set how long before the passwords expire.
Keep account locked for (x) days - Set how long a locked account will remain locked.
Notify me (x) days before password expires - A notification can be sent to let users know that their password is about to expire. Set how many days beforehand that the notification is sent.

**Note: Upon application of the secure passwords, all current passwords in the system will expire. Users will need to set a new password before being able to log in again.