Which ports and IP ranges need to be opened in order to work with DocuWare Cloud systems?

The following ports and IP ranges that need to be opened are as follows:

Ports which have to be enabled:

  1. Authentication for the Admin Tool and Desktop Apps
    80 / 443
Named addresses or DNS names which have to be enabled:
  1. Cloud Customer URL: 
  2. Sendgrid (Email and Workflow Notifications, password reset)

  3. DNS names for the Local Data Connector HUB
    EMEA Customers:
    US Customers:
    Japan Customers:

  4. Intelligent Indexing

If you need to know the exact IP address and further information about your cloud system, you can use the PING command on your customer URL e.G., as well as the NSLOOKUP command.

Please note that the IP address of your cloud system can change at any time, so we recommend that you set your firewall or security permissions using the DNS name.
Due to technical limitations we can not assign fixed IP addresses.

If you need more whitelisting information, please check your firewall logs for Microsoft Azure addresses.

KBA applicable to DocuWare Cloud Organizations ONLY.

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