What is the best way to delete a DocuWare File Cabinet from my Cloud system?

It is not recommended to delete a file cabinet that still has documents in it. This will cause these documents to become orphaned documents in the database and will not free up any storage.
Note: In the event that a file cabinet is deleted with orphaned documents, there is a recovery fee charged to reinstate the file cabinet.

The recommended method for deleting a file cabinet in the cloud would be as follows:

  1. First, delete all documents within the file cabinet. You can do this manually (100 at a time) by selecting all documents on the page of a result list (CTRL + A), right-click and select "Delete"

    Note: Another option you have is to configure a DocuWare Deletion Policy that will automatically purge documents. (How to Create a Deletion Policy

  2. You'll then want to remove any association to trays, roles/groups, or users, which can be done via the configurations page. (Where To Find These Associations)
  3. Once all of the above has been completed, the file cabinet will be ready to be deleted without leaving behind any orphaned documents.

KBA is applicable for Cloud Organizations ONLY.