When creating a DocuWare Form, what are the differences between a Web Form and a Merge Form?

DocuWare Forms provides a simple way of creating a structured, fillable, web-based form catered to capturing specific information to be stored in your DocuWare system. When creating your DocuWare Form, we must decide whether our newly configured form will be a Web or Merge form. Understanding the differences between Web and Merge forms can better assist you in selecting the proper form type that is most suitable for your organizational/professional needs. 
Web Forms
  • The submitted Web Form is archived as a PDF document in the layout of the Web form.
  • It cannot be linked with external files.
Merge Forms
  • Files can be linked to the Merge form in order to transfer data to specified fill areas on linked files.
  • When submitting a Merge form, the data is transferred to the linked files and is stored as PDFs in the layout of the linked files. The submitted form is not stored. 

In conclusion, Web forms provide a simple method of basic data capturing. Forms such as company surveys, questionnaires, etc., would be an ideal use for a Web form. Forms submitted are stored in the target file cabinet as a PDF. 
Merge forms also provide a simple, customizable medium to capture data, however, they also offer the ability to fill multiple linked documents based on the values submitted from the Merge form. Unlike Web forms, submitted Merge forms are not stored as a PDF. Only index data fill the merged forms. An example of this could be creating a new hire application merged form that is linked to various new hire onboarding documents.

Now that we know the differences between Web and Merge forms, see KBA-36346 on how to configure a DocuWare Form.

KBA is applicable to both Cloud & On-premise Organizations.

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