How do you locate the Dialog GUID necessary for URL Integration?

To locate a dialog's GUID, we must access the Dialog's settings. The following example will show how to find a Result List GUID; 
(This procedure may be implemented to locate any file cabinet dialog GUID)
  1. From the Web Client's drop down, choose "Configurations" to open the Configurations page.
  2. From Configurations, choose "File Cabinets" module, then press on the  icon to access its configurations.

  3. Go to the Dialogs section, then from the "Result" tab, click on the Result list whose GUID we want to locate.

  4. Once the Dialog has been selected, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on "More Options". From here, we'll see a field labeled "ID" which will hold the GUID for that result list.


KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.