Publicado Thu, 22 Aug 2019 20:08:13 GMT por Teresa Younts Word-Tech Application Support Specialist
I have a customer who has upgraded DocuWare from 6.12 to 7.1.

They use both Chrome and IE in their environment.  In 6.12 there was not a noticeable difference in the performance of each.  Since the upgrade to 7.1 there is a noticeable difference in the performance of IE.  It is much slower than Chrome.  Two places it is most noticeable are document trays load slower and search result lists take longer to appear after a search button is hit.

Has anyone else seen this?  Or have upgrades been done from 6.12 to 7.1 with no noticeable difference?
Publicado Thu, 22 Aug 2019 20:21:38 GMT por Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc Application Development Manager

You just know I am going to start with the obligatory, "Why on Earth are they using IE?" It is old and broken and insecure... I assume there is some Silverlight requirement in play such that the client cannot standardize on Chrome or Firefox?

Speaking of Firefox, how does DocuWare perform on Firefox and Chrome? Edge? Edge would be the heir apparent to IE, though I think it was pretty much created new from the ground up. It would be interesting to see how they all perform relative to each other.

Sorry I cannot be of more help -- we are on 6.11 and all browsers seem to work OK. We have to use IE for things like setting up Import Configs, since that is still in Silverlight in version 6.11.

Joe Kaufman
Publicado Fri, 23 Aug 2019 16:30:17 GMT por Craig Heintz GSME
I have seen this increased performance with Chrome as well.  Starting in v7 Chrome has been the gold standard to use with DocuWare.
DocuWare has removed the need for Silverlight in its new version and I have seen speed differences of 4 times faster for chrome.  DW also has moved most of the Admin tool to the Configuration page which makes switching back and forth less likely.

Agreeing with Joe that IE is antiquated (garbage) and Chrome is the future.  I have found no fixes for speeding up IE in the slightest. 

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