Publicado Tue, 05 Mar 2019 23:11:45 GMT por BONNEAU Stephane CEO

Hello everyone,

I get a really strange behaviour while updating fields of a document through a REST request :

{{ServerUrl}}/{{Platform}}/FileCabinets/{{FileCabinetId}}/Documents/{{DocumentId}}/Fields with PUT method.

Regarding a document, some index value are updated , and some other not...!

Between the updated index and the others not, I have same parameters in Filecabinet (upon rights, not readonly) , same type (ex : txt or date).

When i put my request in postman, all my index value are updated !!

I got crazy about it, the body of my rest request has been put in postman for being sure, and the difference of behaviour subsist.

Same user is used for calling my rest Request, as well as with postman test.

Do some someone has already encountered something similar ?

Many thanks byadvance,


Publicado Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:05:52 GMT por Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc Application Development Manager


You mention that all indexes update when you use Postman, but only some indexes update when you use...what? What tool or programming language are you using to perform the API request that doesn't work correctly? Just a straight URL call? How are the changed indexes being assembled? JSON or XML? Do you have an example?

In my experience, changing indexes either works completely or does not work at all (returning an error). However, I am not sure what happens if you have field-level security in place (our security structure has been kept pretty simple -- no field-level permissions). Do you have field-level permissions set up by Role or User? And if so, are you using different credentials in your Postman call compared to other API calls you are performing?

It would be nice for a DocuWare tech to weigh in and answer whether or not it is possible that only some indexes change when such a request is made. What happens if the user performing the request is locked out of certain fields? Will the index change be partially completed or will the request error out unless all fields can be changed successfully?

Joe Kaufman

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