Publicado Fri, 03 Feb 2023 14:48:10 GMT por Daniel GUINEA

I have a client with a dedicated server form hosting the intelligent indexing service
He is surprised that this server has to storage some growing data in folders called "A2D3", "73C1", etc..., stored at :

In 3 years it is now 97Go, looks like some metadata or leftovers of Intelligent Indexing treatments.

Question :
- What is the purpose of this data ?
- What are the consequences (if any) if we dispose of them all ?
- Is it ok to purge it ? At least partially ?

Thank you for reading and if you have any clue about that, we shall be grateful !
Daniel for Xelians
Publicado Thu, 09 Feb 2023 09:02:00 GMT por Daniel GUINEA

Is there someone ?

I've found out no documentation about this folder used by Intelligent Indexing, I may be wrong if anyone would have any clue ?

Publicado Thu, 23 Feb 2023 16:17:58 GMT por Marc Hegemann Manager Product
Hello Daniel,&#160;<br> these files contain the knowledge and all learnings of Intelligent Indexing and shouldn't be deleted!&#160;<br> <br> Per design, Intelligent Indexing stores relevant data at 3 places:<br> - Within SolR (search information for similar documents)<br> - Within the database (meta data of documents)<br> - Within the file system (feedback of customer and structural data)<br> <br> In this case we are talking about the file system. If you delete this data, Intelligent Indexing will start to operate inconsistant and this would lead most probably to exceptions and errors.&#160;If there is a lot of data in the file system, this means that Intelligent Indexing has collected a lot of data. In case this is an issue we would recommend to update to Intelligent Indexing OnPremise V2. (I assume you are still using V1). When updating, you can decide how much data you want to migrate.&#160;<br> <br> You will find a manual and set-up files for migrating from V1 to V2 on this page:&#160;<a href="">GitHub - DocuWare/Intellix</a><br> <br> If you need further assistance, please contact your DocuWare support colleague.&#160;<br> <br> Kind regards,&#160;<br> <br> Marc Hegemann&#160;<br> (Product Management)&#160;

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