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I have always used the below requirements from Article ID# 2638 for setting up a MS-SQL Database.  Someone challenged me yesterday on #5 in the list as they want to basically give me a SQL account with DBO rights to all the DW DB's only.  Is that SQL right in #5 an ongoing need or is it for the initial setup of the DB only?

Microsoft SQL (MSSQL)  for DocuWare Installation

  1. Make sure MSSQL server is up to date with their service packs (SP), especially if you are using old version of Micorsoft SQL Server.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server has to be configured with a static port number for installation. Dynamic porting is not support by DocuWare during the installation. The default port for MSSQL is 1433. Also MSSQL Express Edition is not supported by DocuWare.
    1. To see if SQL server instance has been configured with static or dynamic port you can use the tool called "SQL Server 20xx Configuration Manager"
    2. Also take a look at the "System Requirements" for each version of DocuWare. 
  3. Micorosft SQL server has to be configured to accept SQL Authentication and Windows Authentication. During DocuWare installation SQL authentication will be utilized. This is typically done in SQL Server Management Studio (for SQL 05/08/12/14/16).
  4. By opening “SQL Server Management Studio” login into the SQL Server and create a SQL user with:
    1. Securityadmin role rights
    2. Sysadmin role rights
      1. This SQL user must be able to create databases and objects with the database (tables, triggers, indexes, etc). 
  5. This SQL user should also be mapped as securityadmin role for tempdb databases.
  6. If your SQL server has multiple instances running then you have to connect from DocuWare using the full instance name (E.g.: ServerName\InstanceName) during the installation.


NOTE: Once the database has been prepared, DocuWare Authentication server installation will onnect to that database and create all necessaries components required for DocuWare software. If you are installing DocuWare in a different server, then you could test the connection by creating a test ODBC connection from that DocuWare server to the Micrososft SQL Database server (as test only).

Publicado Wed, 02 May 2018 18:41:07 GMT por Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas

I have never mapped my DocuWare database user as a securityadmin to the tempdb. Actually, since the the user must be created before installing, and the DocuWare db's do not exist yet setting the user as a dbo from the get-go also covers the tempdb. Adjustment of rights done post installation limiting the user at that point to be a dbo of the DocuWare db's only should be sufficient.

Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas


Publicado Wed, 09 May 2018 16:32:04 GMT por Craig Heintz SE

Thanks Phil and that makes sense.  Unfortunately we are installing into a hospital infrastructure and they want to give our SQL account for DocuWare minimum rights and will not give us DBO for the Instance.  So that being said, if I can give them an explanation of that the " securityadmin to the tempdb " right is used for, they can decide if and how they want to proceed. 

Is there any way to find out what this right is for and what it allows to happen?

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