Publicado Fri, 25 Feb 2022 09:37:23 GMT por Jalila Manal

I'm trying to have 2 merge documents (they are similar), filled by the same form and then completed by different workflows.

After submitting the web form, only one of the merge documents is stored on the cabinet, am I missing any step here?

Thank you so much for your help.
Publicado Fri, 25 Feb 2022 19:41:12 GMT por Jon Weston File IT Solutions Sr Application Developer and RIM specialist
Hi Jalila, what you're trying to accomplish is certainly doable so you must have missed something, though it's hard to say what that might be without more information.  Are the output tabs of both merge forms filled out correctly?  ie. are they using the proper store dialog? is the Indexing tab filled out?

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