Publicado Wed, 04 Sep 2019 18:18:12 GMT por Casey Miller Director of Technical Services
I assume this is a no but can the sender address that workflow uses be changed? This is a cloud customer. We have a workflow setup that sends an email to a customer after they fill out a service request form. They are replying back to the Docuware sender address and getting kickbacks. Any way to change this?
Publicado Thu, 05 Sep 2019 05:29:01 GMT por Gilles Sauvagnat Altexence Président
Hi Casey

Pretty easy with the new 7.1, go to Web configuration/Mal Services/Sending

You can set up your smtp connexion to your SMTP server either for plain notification and/or for workflow notification

I guess you might not be concerned but is's better to know that there is currently a bug if accentued characters are used in the email subject. (sounds like it is related to 7 versus 8 bits character set)

Hope it helps



PS : screen shot attached


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