What is to be considered when printing PDF files on DW Printer?

When a PDF is printed with DocuWare Printer, a new PDF is created. This can lead to a damage of the so-called textshot, which means, that only squares are recognized.

Printing PDF documents using the DocuWare Printer is not supported.
In many cases, it does work, but for a fine working solution we recommend to use DocuWare Import!

Try following workarounds:

  1. Install and use DocuWare Printer PS. It has the same range of functionality as DocuWare Printer, but is based on a different technology. You can download it here: DocuWare Printer PS
    Also here we do not guarantee 100% support.
  2. Store the PDF document via DocuWare Import
  3. Print the PDF as a picture. See the following URL for additional information:
  4. Force to create a new textshot by OCR. Add the following setting in "…\DocuWare\Desktop\DocuWare.DesktopService.exe.config", within the section <appSettings> add:
    <add key="UseOcrForNativePdf" value="true"/>
    Please restart the DocuWare Desktop Service afterwards

*Note: Method 3 and 4 will cause, that the text is read out by the OCR engine. This means, that the processing will take more time.