How can I configure a notification using Webhooks?

DocuWare sends the notification from the file cabinet to a URL in the form of a request. The third-party application monitors this request and receives the message.

  1. First create a REST type web service. (How to create a Web Service) Here you enter the URL through which DocuWare and the receiving application communicate with each other.
  2. Then go into the new "Webhooks" module on the configurations page

  3. Specify in the Events tab which file cabinet and which documents are to be monitored. Also select the web service with the URL here. Note: There are two triggers for a file cabinet notification; The storing of a new document or the index data modification of an already stored document.

  4. You can freely configure the message text in JSON under the "HTTP Request Body" tab. By default, the index data and index fields are inserted for the documents concerned.

​​​​​​​KBA Applicable for both Cloud and On-Premise systems.