• WHERE clause in List Rule

    In MySQL Query Browser this works; WHERE STATUS LIKE '%complete'

    In DW this does not; LIKE '%complete'

    nor does this; LIKE "*complete"

    or this; LIKE "complete"

    or this; LIKE 'complete'

    As always, any clues appreciated


  • WHERE clause syntax in List rule

    I want to create a Task list in a v6.12 DW cloud system that shows every document except those that contain the word 'Complete'. Examples are 'Engineering Complete', 'Billing Complete', 'Shipping Complete', etc. There is no "Does not contain" option so I am using the Is(where clause) option. I have tried "NOT *Complete* and NOT LIKE %Complete% , with and without quotes,to no avail.

    Does anyone have the correct syntax handy?

    All clues appreciated,

  • Configuring a Result List

    When configuring a result list in a 6.12 system, under 'More options', you can choose from 3 'Viewing modes' Read-only' and 'Edit' are self explanatory. How does 'Ad Hoc' differ from the other 2?


  • Two Solr instances

    A customer has 2 instances of the Full Text server installed as shown in the admin tool (v6.12). One does not repond and the other seems to work fine. When trying to delete the 'bad' one DW prenets a list of file cabinet configured to use this Solr instance. However I can't fine those file cabinets in the admin tool or the configuration page. I have tried all of the logins available to no avail. How can I delete the Solr instance or make it work properly if two are allowed?

    Also, is there a replacement for the full text reset that used to be in the admin tool, or a way to see how many documents in the file cabinet are waiting to be processed?

    Any clues appreciated,

  • Installer returns 'Install all Windows recommended updates' and won't run

    Of course the answer to this is to do just that but after installing 100 or more to a 2008r2 server the error continues. Does anyone know which updates DW installer realy wants? .Net of course, but anything else? Installer is v6.9

  • MySQL Password

    Does anyone know of a way to get into the MySQL Administrator when the password is not known? I'm trying to upgrade a v6.1 system from 2006 and the personnell has changed and the previous admin has passed away. All of the common known passwords do not work.

    Any clues appreciated,

  • Content Server workload


    Thanks for responding. I restarted the server last night and all was immediately well. I had not noticed a lot of Imaging Workers. They do use full text but there was no reset. This AM only about 6 or so and each uses only 0.03% of the CPU. I'm guessing that's normal and just a response to new documents being stored. Content Server is running at around 15% and NT-mysql around 30%. Looks pretty good.

    So it remains a mystery but the problem was solved the old school way, CTRL+ALT+DEL.

    Thanks again,

  • Import jobs when logged out

    Yes it is, so long as the folder being monitored is considered 'local', that is, accesible to the user running the desktop service on that machine.

  • Questions about stamps


    The work-around I use for this is to change the saving of the stamp to 'By user action'. The user must save the document to lock in the stamp and gets a few seconds to review the decision.

  • Content server workload

    I have a v6.9 system running on a 4 core server with 8GB of memory. 2 active file cabinets of about 250K rows each running MySQL. For the last 5 or 6 days the processors have been spiked at 100% or high 90's, according to the resource monitor, memory used is 4GB or less. 60% or more of the CPU is going to Content Server.

    Anybody have any suggestions are what might be the cause of this apparent overload? Or advice on how to approach the issue? This is happening only recently and unexpectedly.