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What is the Free Query box looking for? I would like to only pull up document in a result list that have the document type as "Payroll Change". The field in MSSQL is Document_Type 

What query command would it be looking for here?

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It is looking for a WHERE clause, without the word WHERE. Same syntax as used in dialogs, filters etc.
DOCUMENT_TYPE = "Payroll Change"

For example.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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Answer to your question here, I hope so -:)



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One more (hopefully helpful) response on this... Here is the comment section of the Foxpro subroutine I wrote to run free queries via URL integration. Covers some of the experiences I have had doing integration queries:

REMEMBER! Field names in queries are case sensitive! Field names (in the database) are usually ALL CAPS. The actual database field name of a field can be viewed in the DocuWare Administration desktop application. Queries place field name in square brackets and the value on double-quotes. Though, for numeric fields,  the quotes appear to be optional. Operators can have whitespace around them. Here are example query expressions:
[DWDOCID]=123                                       && Query by the internal document ID.
[CUST_NO] = "WA60"                               && Query field "CUST_NO" to exactly match "WA60".
[LASTNAME] LIKE "K*"                             && Wildcard search.
[SHIPTO_STATE] = EMPTY()                   && Query SHIPTO_STATE for empty values.
[BILLTO_STATE] = NOTEMPTY()             && Query BILLTO_STATE for non-empty values.
[DocuWareFulltext] = "find this string"       && Full-text search.
[DWSTOREDATETIME] > 2017-06-14 19:45:31              && Date/time expression.
[START_DATE] >= 2016-06-01 AND [START_DATE] <= 2016-08-01    && Boolean conditional.

Expressions can be joined by AND or OR and can be qualified with NOT. Delimiters around string values MUST be double-quotes. Also, the conditional statements and compound keywords (e.g. LIKE, AND, OR, etc.) need to be capitalized as well. If multiple documents are found, a result list is displayed in the browser. If only one document matches the search, it is directly displayed.

*** SPECIAL NOTE WHEN USING DATE/TIME FIELDS ***  Date/time fields are stored in DocuWare as UTC timestamps. While queries in the web client or Platform SDK allow the use of local date/time formats, URL Integration queries appear to use the date/times passed in as-is and compare against the stored UTC timestamps. So, if you are using date/time fields in your query, the date/time values need to be converted to UTC to get accurate results.


Joe Kaufman

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Thank you! This worked perfect. [DOCUMENT_TYPE]="Payroll Change"

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