• Duplicate Reords


    Right and I have a AIX process configured. My worry is, and we have discussed this before I think, that since I don't have an external data source I need to filter the iteration to exclude the document that has just been stored. So I check the "New" value in the status field against any invoice that is already stored and has a status field value of "NOT New". The worry being that I don't want to find this invoice since it meets the criteria, which would, I'm afraid, tag every new invoice as a duplicate. Since I don't know what's happening exactly at the DB level I'm not sure if this is a valid worry or not. But if I could check against all invoices and exclude this docID the problem is solved. Long story short, some duplicate invoices slip through due to timing issues.

    Thanks again for taking the time to look at this,

  • Duplicate Records

    Thanks Phil for the quick response. I have seen that article and Workflow Manager would absolutely be the way to go. Unfortunately we are using version 6.6 in this instance and from what I can see in the designer the ability to query an external data source was not added until a more recent version. If I'm wrong about this please let me know.

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  • Checking for duplicate invoices

    To anyone who has the time to consider this;

    What would be a valid WHERE clause to use in a Free SQL Statement in an AutoIndex job that uses a file cabinet for for both the iterated File Cabinet and External data source where the match code is the Inoice Number, Vendor Name and Amount but does NOT match on DocID?

    I'm filtering the File Cabinet for any invoice status 'New' and assuming I need the SQL Statement for the filter on the External Source. I cannot use the Status field as a filter on the External side (Status NOT New) as some invoices may still have that status until they are processed.

    What I'm trying to do is catch any newly stored invoices that might be duplicates of some invoice that has already been stored, but make sure that I don't catch the one that was just stored. AI job runs every 10 seconds.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

  • Task manager lists icon does not display the number of documents

    I have two customers complaining the the Task manager lists icon does not display the number of documents until each list is opend separately. One is 6.12 (latest HotFix applied) and the other 7 (cloud). The 6.12 complaint is with the Mobile Client and the cloud customer is Using the Chrome browser. It also takes a while for the list to populate once opened. I have used my browser and mobile app to log into the smae systems and do not see this problem.

    Can anyone say if there is a know issue with Lists refreshing in theses versions?


  • Extra Smart Search button

    I have a cloud customer using a Smart Search configured with QuickBooks. (PCs are all Windows 10). The configuration looks fine on the configuration page but 2 buttons appear in actual use, one is positioned correctly and the other kind of floated to the top of the screen. Stangely enough they both seem to work.

    Any clues appreciated,

  • Triggers

  • Clipping a document to one that is in workflow.

    Several workflow tasks are "chained" together so that the second one triggers after the first exits and the third triggers after the second etc. The tasks are accessed by the users from a link received in an email. Sometimes another page or document needs to be clipped to the current one, but since the option is not available when the task is accessed from a link, the user uses the client to add the page. However this triggers the task again and creates a duplicate task. The triggers for each task are configured for changed index values only.

    Is this expected behavior? Does anyone have any ideas for a work-around? Or do I need tech support?

    Many thanks,

  • Document name in Document Tray

    I am sending documents to a Tray using DocuWare Printer and an MS Word mail merge. I am capturing a value from the document and populating an index field. I want this index field value to be the name of the document in the tray, so I set this field as the 'Document Name' in the database fields tab in File Cabinet configuration. 

    However, the name in the tray is the name of the word document with a number attached as each document is created.

    Is there a way to force the name in the document tray to be a certain value when using DocuWare Printer? (This seems to work for an DW Import configuration).



  • AutoIndex in a file cabinet against the same file cabinet

    Can anyone clarify this for me? I'm running an AutoIndex job where the file cabinet is also the external data source. I'm doing this to weed out duplicate invoices. I match on invoice number, amount and vendor. On the first pass I filter for status 'New Invoice' and check against any invoices that are NOT status 'New Invoice'. The AI job runs every 10 seconds. The end user uses an Ad Hoc workflow process using Task Lists and Stamps that change the Status field (Version 6.6) to 'Processed'.

    The problem is of course that if 2 users store the same invoice before one of them gets processed, the duplicate is not found because they are both 'New'.

    My question is, if I change the filter and just check against all invoices regardless of Status, will the AI job 'find itself' so to speak and mark all "New Invoices" as duplicate? Or does AI not look for the same docID in the comparison set as it has currently in memory?

    My head hurts,

  • User licenses on Business Server

    What's the rule for the number of users allowed with an on premises Business Server these days? It was capped at 5 I think, so is that now 5 named or 20 named that could be combined into 5 concurrent?