• RE: Check-out and ad-hoc editing

    thank you very much for your reply.
    I've found out that the condition is controlled by bit 1 (second bit from the right) of  column DWVERSIONSTATE in main FC table (DW 7. and 7.1)
    Bit 0 of this column indicates that the document is currently checked out (and is automatically reset back to 0 after the document is checked-in) , and bit 2 indicates that the document had been edited ad-hoc.
    So it seems if I run a script that runs often and changes values of "2" or "6" in this column to "4" - everything works as expected: the document now may be edited ad-hoc and also may be checked-out. Also preview previous version function still seems to work . So the SQL script could be a workaround for on-Premise system, but can't be sure if this not causing any other issues
  • Check-out and ad-hoc editing

    I just discovered a DocuWare feature that is an 'intended behavior' - according to DocuWare, but surely is not an expected behavior - at least for me and my users.
    Did you know that after a document has been checked out and then checked in, an ad-hoc editing (via Edit function) is no longer available.
    Has anyone found a workaround?
  • RE: Only text displayed when logging into web client

    I have seen this happen and in my case it was the particular user settings (in Docuware database) that were corrupt.
    So what I did - may not be the best solution - I deleted and re-created the user with the same group/roles configuration.
    Before deleting the user I suggest you try login on the same computer with a different Docuware user.
  • RE: Notifications

    what you can do is use general search syntax in the VendorName field to list multiple Vendors separated by OR. The your rule for notification will look like this:

    AND     Status    Equals     New
                 Vendor   Equals      VendorA OR VendorB OR VendorC etc.

    This should work.
    Though if you have an AutoIndex module I suggest you add a FC field  (APuser) and populate this field based on VendorName using AIX external database. This way you need just a single Notification configuration for all the AP with subscriber based on the new field.
  • RE: Print from Document Tray

    sounds like your Internet Explorer plug-in for your PDF viewer is not working properly. Typically this can be fixed by uninstalling and re-installing Adobe Acrobat Viewer.
  • RE: Cloud Systems - Can it be discovered which system (US0 or US1) an organization is on?

    I am pretty sure, there is no permanent chart as the current companies allocation between AZURE centers would be dynamic.
    I think you can find the info you requested by doing a simple ping command form a command prompt. such as (replace bold with your company)
    The highlited portion of the response would tell you which version of Docuware your company is on (7.0 - Koala, 7.1 - Lobster) and the 0 denotes to the center# and the next word (centralus) to its location - I think.
    Hope this helps.

    ping mycompanyname1.docuware.cloud
    Pinging uskoala0.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
    ping mycompanyname2.docuware.cloud
    Pinging uslobster0.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

  • RE: DW v7.0 On Premise - Continues to give Blank Screen on User login

    Has the fix resolved the issue?
    could you please post the web.config change
  • RE: How to: Autoindex Workflows

    here is a direction you should be going in:
    in your AI job for External Data Source use "SQL statement"- Content Database Connection, and the following statement (make adjustments if your FullName column is in format other than "FirstName LastName":

    select FullName, substring(FullName,1, charindex(' ',FullName,1)-1) AS fname, substring(FullName,charindex(' ',FullName,1)+1,100) AS lname from filecabinetname

    do a match on FulName=external Field FullName and assign your two new columns with values of fname and lname
    Hope this helps.

  • RE: Move system docuware 7

    attached is an article I got from Docuware techsupport a month or so ago.
    It was written by Phil Robson and covers the subject in detail.
  • RE: Obtainin max value of an index

    have you checked the new option available in Store dialogs for a field Predefined Entry "Automatic Numbering". If you assign the field you referring to in your question to this type of Predefined Entry in all dialogs that store particular doctypes, you will accomplish what you need w/o any SQL scripts.