• Use AutoIndex Free SQL query


    the only place where SQL statemets are still available (in CLOUD system) is Autoindex.

    I find that using AIX jobs in conjunction with some additional auxilary index fields and select lists based on regular graphic filters based on these fields, can be to a certain degree a substitution for free sql statements in select lists for many scenarios. Not as straight forward, but may work.


  • Checkboxes are for Touch Mode (vs Mouse Mode)

    Joe what you described sounds pretty much that your checkboxes were shown because your browser detected touchscreen computer and presumed a touch (tablet) mode vs a regular mouse mode. This can switched unde main webclient menu. Before version 7 the choice was there only if a touchscreen was detected.

  • Second server read-on;y instance URL

    Has anyone connected desktop apps to a second IIS server where RO instance is made default?

    What is the correct url?

    docuware/Platform? or Dcouware/PlatformRO?

  • Can't find your original post


    where is your original post on this? That was a great find.

    It seems that the problem is even wider than you described: even if you pick a value for field1 and select list for field 2 is limited to corresponding values for the selective select list - the way it should be, but if you type anything in the field2 from select list for column2 - it will still allow you you to store.

    In short, in DW7, external Selective Select list only works for dropdown values, but does not work to restrict store values. 

    Hope Docuware will issue a hotfix soon. 


  • Couldn't you use Folders instead of WEC?


    to me the new folders option (since 6.11) is a better alternative to WEC. In your case - with RO desktop apps connection - even more so, no?

  • You need another IIS with PlatformRO being default


    read Juan's comments within the chain below. Your ptoblem is that even if you make Desktop connection from RO website, since you have a regular Platform services installation, the dektop connection is made to RW site - which is default. You need to have another server with IIS and 2nd instance Web Client Platform services installed (does not require additional server license, though with Docuware7 this might be no longer true) - and on this instance make RO as a default - as described in Juan's Post. Now, if you direct your clietnt browser to this website and Connect the Desktop Apps, the APPS such as SmartConnect, WEC and C2O search will be using RO license. Please note, that in order to use WEC to store documents or C2O store (and also Docuware Printer and Import, but thee do not consume a license when connected to default Platform website), you'd need to have anothere desktop connection created to your 1st Platform site and have it switched by user in order to use it.



  • Adding Barcode Font to Cloud Servers

    Is this possible.

    We use a REST API program to add annotations to Docuware documents that use a barcode font. In order for this to work the font must be installed on the server (and we need to know the font name) - works well for on-prem installation.

    Now, this customer wants to move to Docuware Cloud. How would we go about requesting to add a barcode font (or rather various popular barcode fonts) to the cloud system and to let the fontnames be known.

  • Searches are case insensitive

    But Select lists in store dialog became Case sensitive some time back - I think since version 6.9.

  • Unexpected "Select List Only" behaviour - still not fixed in DW7

    I've been complaining about this issue for a while and hoped it'd be fixed in DW7, but unfortunately it's still there.

    The Problem:

    When a 'Select List Only' is used in a store or Index dialog, and associated select lists are either fixed or external to a file connection - then these select lists are Case Sensitive (If Default or external to database connection select list is used the behaviour is as expected, case-insensitive).

    For example if you have a fixed select list with entry 'Invoice' in it and a store dialog DocType field is configured to use this Select List and option 'Select List Only' then stroing a document with DOCTYPE="INVOICE" would produce the 'Value for field DOCTYPE is not from Select Listentry not from select list' error

    To me it is a clear bug, not a feature request. Even more strange is that dropdown dynamic select list works as expected: when you type in the field (see above example) "INVOICE" the word 'Invoice' does appears in the dropdown. And yet it would not accept INVOICE when store. But if you create your Select list in a database - with exactly same entries - all of a sudden the case sensitivity goes away.

    Docuware, please acknowledge and fix!


  • Changing Storage location


    I know, noone uses disks backups to DVDs any more, but I had to move storage locations so many times, and it's so much more controlled/reliable when you move let's say 50 4GB disks than one 200GB folder, No?