Your Autoindex job has become stuck in a "Running" status and you cannot stop or delete the job.

***Before proceeding please make a backup of the DWSystem database.***

Please implement the following to resolve this behavior;

  1. Find the process GUID by name in the DWOrganizationSettings table in the DWSystem database. In this case, the Autoindex job name is "New autoindex configuration"

  2. Find the workflow status related to this process GUID in the DWWorkflowStatus table in the DWSystem database.

  3. Open the Status XML Field Viewer in the 'status' column and check the state value:

    If the Status is "Running" it should be replaced with "Stopped". The whole XML must be updated.
  4. Copy the existing status XML from the Field Viewer and execute the "UPDATE" command by replacing only the state to "Stopped":

    Write the correct "WHERE" clause to update only the needed row using the process GUID.
  5. Use that same GUID to execute the following query:
    update `dwsystem`.`DWBPSOrgMonitoring` set workstate = 2 where processGuid = 'GUIDfromabove'

  6. Execute the query. The Autoindex job will now no longer be stuck in a "Running" state and you will be able to delete it if needed.

For organizations that utilize MSSQL, follow KBA-36266

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY