I've created a new user within my DocuWare system, however, the UserID is displayed as  "NEWUNNAM" instead of the username. 
This issue occurs when a new user is created and saved before they are given a username. This value cannot be modified within DocuWare, but it can be changed on the database level. Please complete the following;
1. Open your database and take a full backup of the DWSystem database.
2. Access the DWUser table within the DWSystem database and notate the uid of the user with the incorrect User ID.  

3. Once the uid has been obtained, a query can now be created to modify the shortname entry. When constructing the query, use the uid of the problem user presented in your system. For the shortname value, enter the desired UserID.
For this demonstration the following query was created;
(Note: The use of special characters within the shortname is prohibited as the query will fail.) 

MSSQL:                                                                            MySQL:
Update [dwsystem].[dbo].[DWUser]                                  Update dwsystem.dwuser
Set shortname = 'ALLENROB'                                          Set shortname = 'ALLENROB'
Where uid = '1085'                                                             Where uid = '1085'
4. Once the query has ran, refresh the DocuWare web client and the UserID will have been modified to the desired value.
KBA is applicable to On-premise Organizations ONLY.