Google Chrome cannot establish a connection to DocuWare Desktop.

There are several reasons that might cause such an issue. Please refer to the following solutions:

  1. DocuWare Desktop App or Desktop App Service is not started:
    This behavior can occur when either the Desktop Apps or the Desktop Apps Service has failed to start. To address this issue, the Desktop Apps and/or the Desktop Apps Service must be restarted. Please refer to 
    Installing and Connecting Desktop Apps for more on Desktop Apps and how to restart these software components. 

  2. Content within the browser cache:
    In some instances, browser cache history can prevent DocuWare Desktop Apps from establishing a connection. Please delete the browser cache and cookies, then reattempt to utilize DocuWare Desktop Apps.

  3. DocuWare Client is hosted using a self-signed SSL certificate:
    The root certificate has to be imported to the Microsoft Certificate Store.

  4. DocuWare Settings Service is not working properly (On-premise Only):
    If the prior solutions failed to resolve the described behavior, this may indicate that the DocuWare Service Settings are not working as intended. Please refer to the following articles to address this:
    • Known Issues - Web Configuration (Web Client Settings): KBA-34359
    • Error in login with token: 'ClientProtocolManagers are not specified': KBA-34700

KBA is applicable to both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

Comments (2)
  • Additionally, after a Windows 10 update, localhost may not be resolving correctly.  If you can access but not https://localhost:8091/ then you'll need to add (or uncomment) the following line (as administrator) in the following file


    Line: (make sure there is not a # in front)
  • Then as administrator from command prompt:  ipconfig /flushdns