The browser cannot establish a connection to DocuWare Desktop. In some cases, you get the error "Windows User is not a DocuWare Desktop user".

There are several reasons that might cause such an issue:

  1. DocuWare Desktop is not started
    (Re-)Start DocuWare Desktop

  2. DocuWare Desktop Service is not started
    (Re-)Start DocuWare Desktop Service 

  3. Internet Explorer security zone of the website causes problem (Internet Explorer only)
    It is necessary to check the Internet Explorer security zones. First of all, add the Web Client to the Internet Explorer security zone "Local Intranet".
    In the next step, check whether the Web Client is part of the same Internet Explorer security zone as the URL for localhost "" and "". In case they are not, please add them.

    Keep in mind that those settings are set by group policies in some environments, thus it is not allowed to add the Web Client URL to a specific Internet Explorer security zone. Therefore it might be necessary to add this URL by amending the group policies.

  4. Internet Explorer in enhanced security configuration is not supported (Internet Explorer only)
    Switch to a different browser (Firefox, Chrome) when creating the connection to DocuWare Desktop or disable the enhanced security configuration.

  5. DocuWare Client is hosted using a self-signed SSL certificate (Internet Explorer only)
    The root certificate has to be imported to the Microsoft Certificate Store.

  6. DocuWare Client is hosted using SSL (Mozilla Firefox only)
    The root certificate “DocuWare GmbH Local Authority” has to be exported from the Microsoft Certificate Store and imported to the Mozilla Firefox Certificate Store:
    Open the Certificate Manager in Firefox Options and import the previously exported “DocuWare GmbH Local Authority” certificate. Check the first checkbox “Trust this CA to identify websites” in the following dialog and restart the browser after the certificate was imported successfully. Try to connect DocuWare Desktop again.

  7. Antivirus or other security software causes problems with the windows user recognition
    DocuWare Desktop Service is trying to recognize which windows user from which session is accessing its functions. Usually the browser processes the user and the session can be found. In some cases the antivirus, which is not working 100% in user context can be the communication partner to DocuWare Desktop Service.
    During the connection procedure, the antivirus has to be stopped. Sometimes it is not enough to stop it using the icon menu option, but the complete process/service must be stopped.

  8. Content within the browser cache is causing trouble while trying to establish the connection
    Delete the browser cache and cookies and try again.

  9. DocuWare Settings Service is not working properly
    Check the following articles:
    Known Issues - Web Configuration (Web Client Settings)
    Error in login with token: 'ClientProtocolManagers are not specified'
Comments (2)
  • New to DocuWare 7 (according to the DW support team):

    The following are the ip addresses used in DocuWare 7 for the Admin tool and Desktop apps.  This is a change from DocuWare 6.x!

    Desktop Apps:
    Admin Tool:

    If you're able to connect with the web client and also able to connect the desktop apps (the connections in Desktop Apps look fine) but you're still unable to use them and you get an error when trying to edit a document then the above IP addresses may still be blocked.


  • Additionally, after a Windows 10 update, localhost may not be resolving correctly at all.  If you can access but not https://localhost:8091/ then you'll need to add (or uncomment) the following line (as administrator) in the following file


    Line: (make sure there is not a # in front)

    Then as administrator from command prompt:  ipconfig /flushdns