Mozilla Firefox cannot establish a connection to DocuWare Desktop.

There are several reason that might cause such an issue:

  1. DocuWare Desktop is not started
    (Re-)Start DocuWare Desktop
    More information on this is available here

  2. DocuWare Desktop Service is not started
    (Re-)Start DocuWare Desktop Service
    More information on this is available here

  3. DocuWare Client is hosted using a self-signed SSL certificate
    The root certificate has to be imported to the Microsoft Certificate Store

  4. DocuWare Client is hosted using SSL
    The root certificate “DocuWare GmbH Local Authority” has to be exported from the Microsoft Certificate Store and imported to the Mozilla FireFox Certificate Store: 

    Open and add an exception for the certificate.
    Open FireFox Options > Advanced > Certificates > View Certificates > switch to tab “Authorities” and click “Import…” > select the exported “DocuWare GmbH Local Authority” certificate > check the first checkbox “Trust this CA to identify websites” in the following dialog > click “Ok” > restart the browser and try to connect again.

  5. Content within the browser cache is causing trouble while trying to establish the connection
    Delete the browser cache and cookies and try it again.

  6. DocuWare Settings Service is not working properly
    Check these FAQs:
    Known Issues - Web Configuration (Web Client Settings)
    Error in login with token: 'ClientProtocolManagers are not specified'