We have just enabled file cabinet encryption to meet business needs. How do I encrypt previously stored documents?

An encryption job can be used to encrypt documents within a file cabinet.
(Note: The file cabinet must have encryption enabled in File Cabinets Configurations.)

Complete the following steps in order to successfully utilize an encryption job;

1. First, we must obtain the File Cabinet GUID, which can be found in the File Cabinets plugin.

  • Open the file cabinet and select "More options":

  • The file cabinet GUID can be found in the Administrative information section. Copy the GUID to a notepad, as it will be used for this process:

2. An XML will need to be created in the Background Process Service folder of the DocuWare installation. When creating the file in the specified location, please use DocumentTool.SampleEncryptSettings.xml as the XML file name.
(Note: Default location of the Background Process Service: C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Background Process Service)

3. Open the XML in notepad, and in the XML will be the following:

<BatchDocumentSettings fileCabinetGuid="e3dcc667-3bb3-46fd-9b23-395bd28a0f52">
  <DocumentsFilter fromStorageDateTime="2017-06-12T05:54:27" toStorageDateTime="2018-06-12T05:54:27" fromModificationDateTime="2017-06-12T05:54:27"
                     toModificationDateTime="2018-06-12T05:54:27" fromDocID="0" toDocID="1500">

**Note: Given this settings file, the job will encrypt all documents that are on disk numbers 2 & 3, have modification datetime between 2017-06-12T05:54:27 and 2018-06-12T05:54:27, storage datetime between 2017-06-12T05:54:27 and 2018-06-12T05:54:27, and DocId from 0 to 1500.**
4. To encrypt the entire file cabinet, only the file cabinet GUID will need to be replaced:

<BatchDocumentSettings fileCabinetGuid="0e455b69-63ei-4785-bb78-1c8dcbb54c70">

5. Once everything is adjusted to your preference, save and close the XML.

6. To start the encryption workflow, 'cd' to the folder where Background Process Service is installed and enter the following command: 

DocumentTool.exe -filename=DocumentTool.SampleEncryptSettings.xml -jobtype=2 -username="admin" -password="admin"

***Adjust filename, DocuWare username, and password accordingly.***

Depicted below is an example of the encryption workflow being executed:

Once the workflow has finished, the encryption process has now been completed.

KBA is applicable for On-Premise Organizations ONLY.

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